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Muahmmad Ali – How to be a Man 101

Posted on: December 4, 2005

I grew up with an abusive father. As most physically abusive parents, his abuse reached an apex when I was younger and smaller. As I grew up and got tall and bigger, the abuse slowed and eventually, when it looked as though I might be able to defend myself, it stopped altogether. This is not a new story.

I’m forty-four years old. The first time I remember hearing the name Muhammad Ali was in Juanuary, 1971, when he fought Joe Frazier in New York’s Madison Square Garden. The highly touted “Battle of the Century.” I grew up in rural Missouri so the mere sound of the name Muhammad Ali grated on my ear. I didn’t know a muslim from muscrat. But I did know this: My DAD hated that “loud mouthed, draft dodgin’ nigger.” And I hated my dad. So I decided I loved Muhammad Ali.

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1 Response to "Muahmmad Ali – How to be a Man 101"

Oh my goodness! What a wonderful revelation of the human spirit
As I read this, I got cold shivers . I grew up knowing that Ali had a razor sharp tongue..but after reading about how he faced and conqured his fears I now know that he also has razor sharp courage and mindful perseverance.

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