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The Singularity deepens…

Posted on: April 5, 2006

It started with iTunes on Windows, now you you can "officially" run Windows on your Intel-Mac computer. After unleashing iTunes on the Windows world, a steady buildup to digital music domination began. And the rule was cast, the mold was set.

If we want to move beyond 5% market share (or there abouts) a plan to achieve critical mass must include Windows running on the Mac.

I am beginning to believe that this plan was in place from the moment Jobs returned to Apple. The whole iPod/iTunes was only the brand sweetner, the apple polisher, if I may, which would usher in a new post "1984" era. An age where Apple would finally take it's "rightful" place in the world.

So after countless appearances on Times' cover, in varying shades of black and blue, I think we are about to see Jobs cement his mark on this planet.

Windows had better watch out.

Now it has two threats to deal with. The Goliath that is Google and the David that is Apple. Although not on the same side, this David and Goliath team could spell the end of what was Windows.

One last thing 🙂
From a design standpoint. Look at how the Apple designers have rendered the Windows logo. A grey, lifeless, non-waving, static, monochromatic window. Simply tilted on it's edge. Almost Enron-esque.

You be the judge.



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