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Posted on: April 12, 2006

Hi  All,

A lot has happened over the last 2 months or so with me and my family here in Panama, but more so with me. Three main things, an accident, a house and work…

On Valentines day I had an accident with a heart doctor. Yup, I wish it was as funny it sounds.

     but it wasn’t.

While rushing home to get my cellphone that I forgot, I made a rash turn, the car coming in the opposite lane  did not see me BAM! No one was hurt but man, it was a bad experience. Anyway, it took almost 2 months to get our car (A Mitsubishi Spacewagon) from the shop. And there are still a few minor details they need to sort out. The tough thing here was that it happened a week before my family had to move. That was not cool. It made the move all the more tougher, but you know, it’s when the going gets tough you know who your friends really are! Good ol’ Charlie Brown (my buddy from Berea SDA) and Eva (Felisa’s good friend at work) helped us out tremendously! We are so grateful for their help during the move.


to the chagrin of our friends in the US who were looking forward to us moving back to the States, we bought a house. It’s nothing fancy, but man this baby breathes! Very bright too! We had some skylights put in the two "land locked rooms, the family room and the kitchen. We are a little bit  farther from the city, but thanks to the Northern Corridor / highway, we are just 20 to 30 minutes from the waterfront (Avenida Balboa). The house so far is great, we were literally dying to move from the rental we were in. It sure feels great to own something in the ground 🙂

pics coming soon

Since I have been in Panama, I have worked mostly for myself with my lil design republic, The Imaji Nation it has been an adventure. But now I want to kick things into high gear, over drive, can you spell stratosphere? Up to now I have treated this operation as an extension of well, my imagination, a glorified hobby.

    It’s time for change.

I am about to revamp and retool what this "small island state" is. I am gonna raze the canefields, tear down "monuments" and rebuild this operation into a serious income generating machine while keeping my sanity.

So far most clients like my work. Whenever I get that wow look, or watch them stare at their new logo, or website I feel like I’m on cloud 9, or more appropriately, the Imaji Nation 🙂 But as I have grown my client base I am feeling stretched and stressed. Trying to please everyone has led me to pleasing almost no one. And everyday that I miss a deadline it sucks even more. As most of you know,  I have 3 wonderful girls  and keeping up with them feels like an Iron Man triathlon at times. You should see my wife try to chase them around the house. Those of you with wee lil kids know what I mean.

    It is not easy.

So here I am, been up since 2:30 this morning and I am now writing this at 5am. it’s the only time when my mind feels free to truly create and work with 0 distractions.  Mind you I love my girls and my wife. That is priority one! But I need to revamp and retool my work approach without having to clone myself. I am at my wits end almost. As I pray for answers, which I know God will help me with, I look forward to the day when things will be not as hectic, not as stressful. Of course, I want to be a better business man, a more creative designer and a better project manager but above all that…

    I want to be a better husband and father.




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