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When the brand is one man…

Posted on: August 9, 2006

As I read this article about Steve Job’s frail look and uninspiring tone at his recent WWDC keynote. A couple things went through my lil noggin. Take a quick read, then continue

First, what do you do when the magic of your brand’s DNA is wrapped up in one person. What happens when they retire…or God forbid….die. Apple was faced with that most startling of realities last year when Steve Jobs was suffering from cancer. He recovered and was back on the job being the CEO of Apple. But this week, reality struck like vengeful lightning from keynote hell. The Mac faithful saw thier leader at his most public frailest. Calling on not one, or two, but three leuitenants to help him carry the load. Imagine, a “hired hand” introducing your marquis flagship product. Hhmnnn, what’s the deal. What do I think, Steve is smart. He realizes like most humans he is not immortal, despite the demi-god status his followers may have conferred on him. So of course he has to introduce new faces to represent the brand. New disciples to deliver the good news.  And don’t we ALL love good news.

The second, thing was the tone of the article.

“This week’s developer’s conference is a big show for Mac nerds. More
than 4,000 of them paid a pretty penny to be here this week, and Jobs’
talk is the highlight of the show. For many of them, this is the only
chance they get to see their hero in the flesh.

I don’t think they got their money’s worth.”

Yes, seeing Steve run on fumes is like going to Mecca and almost nothing’s there. But lets be real, the man could have died less than 12 months ago. I think he may have gone above and beyond what his  body could deliver and he is doing what will help to keep him around for his wife and kids. I would venture to say, the article was almost a tad selfish. Not that the author is, but the words used expressed some of that.  I am sure the day Steve or Bill steps down unlike when Castro leaves power, the system will not implode. We won’t have terror and mayhem in the streets. We’ll just have products that truly sell themselves. And you know what…they already do.


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