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The Snake That Bit It’s Tail.

Posted on: September 28, 2006

During my years at the Caribbean School or Architecture I was exposed to a very varied mix of teachers and professors. All astonishingly intelligent and all having a slight stroke of wonderful peculiarity to them, which I of course have happily inherited 🙂 One teacher stood out though in my mind. His name..

Jacob Voorthuis.

As serious as he was happy… most of the time 🙂 He was a most passionate teacher. Jake taught me so many things. To this day I am still learning from what he helped my poor lil noggin’ absorb. (I’m sure I have a lecture coming after he reads this lil diddy )

As I sat at my machine tonight I decided to “google” my old prof, low and behold, Ol’ Jake built ‘imself a website! I am frolicking in it 🙂 it’s cool when you read the words of someone whose voice you have heard. You can hear the the sentences lift themselves off the screen. His essays here are truly wonderful. I just wish I had written more material while at C.S.A. that came as close as to what is here on his site.

I just want to say, thanks. Thank you Jake showing me how to not take myself too seriously, thank you for teaching me how to think in new ways, and lest I forget, thank you for teaching me how to make the snake bite it’s tail. It was writing for your class that helped me to fall in love with writing. It was there that the seeds of this blog were sown.

peace an’ love.

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