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S U P E R N A T U R A L…

Posted on: October 8, 2006

Normally I refrain from posting religious content on this blog, but this time I digress. I am moved to add the following words. It is after all, what’s on a York’s mind.


What’s the matter with the world has the world gone mad?

There’s nothing wrong with the world, it’s the people that are in it.

You and me, we’re in it.

L Rawls

I’m a news junkie… so as I watched this week as another school come under siege, again I was horrified. Everyday children die around the world, everyday they starve, everyday they are attacked. This Amish case though is different.

For the first time in a long time we are seeing a real Christ-like response upon attack.

Never before has “turn the other cheek” seemed more powerful.

As his community heaved in grief and his grand-daughter that he laughed with, told stories to and went to church with, lay on a cold hard slab, an Amish elder called for forgiveness. As little coffins carried little bodies to little graves, arms were opened to the wife of the killer and half of the 75 people at the murderer’s funeral were Amish. Were does love like this come from for a sadistic killer and molester.

Tormented was his mind,
Assaulted was his heart,
Attacked was his soul.

This milk truck driver took his children to the bus stop for school and then prepared to kill those of other parents. While soldiers fight jihad in foreign lands, the home front is gripped in terror.

I am reminded of something that the father of Elian Gonzalez said in an interview with Dan Rather on 60 Minutes. (this was exactly one year after Columbine, April 2000)

RATHER: Tell me why it wouldn’t be best for you to say okay I’ll, I’ll stay in the USA, I’ll stay here with my child, where there is freedom and may be more opportunity for him. Why not do that in the best interest of the child?

JUAN MIGUEL: Well, what do you call freedom and opportunity?

RATHER: But the question is, what do you consider to be liberty and opportunity?

JUAN MIGUEL: I ask you what’s freedom? Well, freedom is for example, in Cuba, where education and health care is free. Or is it the way it is here? Which of the two is freedom? For example, here when parents send their children to school they have to worry about violence. A child could be shot at school. In Cuba, things like that don’t happen. So you can go to work and not worry. Which of the two is freedom?

Rather was struck speechless. That episode has stuck with me ever since.

The most helpless of our society are now officially under attack. Wether it’s by guerillas in Africa, stealling boys in the night, truck drivers in Pennsylvania killing helpless gils, or congressmen on Capitol Hill, there seems to be no safe haven. But my little diatribe here is not about the attack, it’s about the response.

I do believe for the first time in a long time, we are seeing on an international level, not a display of true religion, but what a true relationship with Jesus Christ can do.

“It’s the love, the forgiveness, the heartfelt forgiveness they have toward the family. I broke down and cried seeing it displayed,”
Bruce Porter, a fire department chaplain from Colorado attending the service.

Wether you believe in Him or not here are my 2c.

Forgiveness is not human. It is foreign to the human heart. It is an illegal alien to our minds. No matter what you think, I am convinced beyond the shadow of a doubt that this act is and forever will be…


of God.

It is a heavenly response to a heathen act.

Will our Muslim brothers see this, will policy-makers and leaders who lash out in preemptive judgment be changed. I don’t know, but I sure do hope so.

Yorkali Walters
October 7th, 2006

Any comments are more than welcome. Please tell me what you think.

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simple but quality, thanks!z

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