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We are in the US….

Posted on: July 3, 2007

Hello All,
We are in the US. For those whom I was not able to tell directly via email, in person or by phone, I am sorry. But here we are, in State College, 16801, US of A. It has been an interesting journey so far. A journey that was complicated by a robbery 1 week ago.

Felisa, myself and the girls were at an internet cafe in Panama City. At some point, due to distraction of the girls, Felisa’s purse was stolen with her license (Georgia and Panama) ATM and credit cards and national ID and $500 this has severely complicated our settling process. But we have been blessed and the friendliness of friends and acquaintances in Panama and State College has been great.

State College so far has been a wonderful place to be. Yes, we know in a few months it will be white and freezing but it comes with the territory, literally.

Here are some pics…more to come soon

peace an’ luv,


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I was shocked to learn of your misfortune. It couldn’t have happend to nicer people than you and Felisa. Unfortunately, the S.O.B’s of the world are probably so mistrusting that they are less likely to be robbed like this. But they are also far poorer in spirit and that cannot be robbed from you by anyone!

If you make it back to Indiana please let me know. My son-in-law is the asst. superintendant at the local state park (he and my daughter and my four grandkids live in the park year-round) and it would be a great place for us to take your young family for a picnic. If I don’t see you in Indiana I hope to make it out to Philly this fall to meet with my jingle producers. Are you on the way to Philly from Lafayette?

My late great, great aunt from whom I was named did her PhD at Penn State about 100 years ago. Dr. Caroline Colvin went on to become the very first dean of women at the University of Maine in 1921. That was where I got the middle name Colvin. There is (or was) as small women’s dorm on on the University of Maine campus named Colvin Hall.

I’m looking forward to hearing more once you’re settled.


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