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Why Vick, Why Now…

Posted on: July 19, 2007

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The ball just would not stop rising. I watched in awe as a ball whose last point of contact was Michael Vick’s hand rose almost to the very top of the stadium.

Whoa…I gasped.

That collective “whoa” swept the US and anyone that followed American football. That Whoa led to contracts with Nike and others, that whoa landed him in Atlanta as quarter-back demi-god. That whoa got me rooting for the Falcons. Now this.


Is this another case of jock immunity.
I went to a high school in Jamaica called, Jamaica College. It’s over 200 hundred years old. A prime minister-to-be . Michael Manley, graduated from my alma mater. He was a track star. In the years to come JC was to establish itself as a track power house. As time passed, the school’s administration relied more and more on scouting for talent to keep our “rich tradition”  alive. Some of the recruited athletes were not, might I say, above board. They stabbed the Jamaica College reputation to death with horrible behavior on the streets, total disrespect for teachers and so much more. The other students, looked up to these thugs and a pattern developed. All thanks to jock immunity. This happens in the US too of course. Celebrity status covers all manner of sins almost everywhere you go. And it is why I believe it took 6 YEARS for this indictment to happen.

Unfortunately, if he is innocent or guilty that is inconsequential in the court of public opinion as we all know by now. What was done to these poor dogs is absolutely revolting. Absolutely. It is incredible sickening and shocking. And I hope that the powers that be, will pursue the other rings that exist around US. But why Vick, why now.

The following is not conspiracy theory, for me, it is conspiracy fact. The activities on Vick’s property have been known for a long time and this “distraction” as some call it, is happening now, just before the start of the football season in order to get him out of the team.

That’s my story and I am sticking to it.

Is he guilty, is he innocent, I do not know. But just there is more than meets the eye to us humans, much more than meets the eye. Why did it take six years for this to surface. I do not believe he was being targeted, I believe his jock immunity bought him time. But after so much time and no Super Bowl, it was obvious that Vick was distracted by something.

His under-performance was glaring.

Too much talent and not enough payback. I believe there are people close to Vick who don’t care about him but use his influence and capital for evil things. Was Vick fully aware of this? I’m pretty darn sure. Did he participate? That has to be proven. This happens all to often. “Nice guy” athlete with sub-prime friends. But there is another connection that deserves attention. I believe someone close to dear Uncle Arthur knew all along.



3 Responses to "Why Vick, Why Now…"

Great article, York. I am just waiting for the legal system to take it’s (un)natural course. I guess we’ll see what happens. This will be a distraction for the team, and I think Vick needs to take a leave of absence from the team in order for the team to have some kind of normalcy while all of this plays out.

If he is found guilty, I think they will try and make an example out of him. I think they are trying to do that already. Folk are screaming about this in congress, and he hasn’t been to his first court date indeed. They say the mob is usually wrong. We shall see.

I think there are a lot of people angry that this goes on and no focus has been put on it for years. Unfortunately, the ants don’t get burnt until the magnifying glass is whipped out.


(Side note: I’ve spent the last 5 minutes writing and erasing my comments here)

If found guilty, this very rich and priviledged man would have been proven to have been participating in dog fighting (a brutal blood “sport” that maims and kills animals for “fun”) and killing the losers (bashing in their heads on the pavement, hanging, electrocuting, shooting or manually strangling them with his bare hands), burying them in his back yard to allay suspicion. If proven conclusively, it would mean that this was a family pasttime, with his cousins participating also.

I don’t want to believe that he or anyone else could be doing this.

I just don’t want to. I just know better.

I live in Indiana and came up in a very rural part of the state. It wasn’t uncommon to hear the farm kids talking at the school lunch table about putting cats in a sack and pitching them into a creek, using them for target practice as they struggled out of the bag and out of the water. Some would be so generous that they’d grant a reprieve to those who made it to shore. Others would shoot them anyway–just because they could.

They saw no inconsistency with their behaviour.

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