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Why I love Design…

Posted on: February 4, 2008

Well said by Robert L. Peters. It’s exactly how I feel…everyday.

“When I started in design, it seemed to be a way to utilize my artistic
talents, idealism (desire to create a better world for all) and broad curiosity
in a gainful way. I quickly realized that to be a designer is a special
privilege – it allows one to fully engage both halves of the brain on a
daily basis in service of specific objectives. Of course there are frustrating
days (when I consider becoming a shepherd or a taxi driver instead) but
I would have to say that I truly love the profession of design.”

———– And now….. my words. ————–

Design isn’t about tools,

it solves the problem,

it gets the job done,

it communicates the message.

Design is risky.

Objective AND subjective.

It is neither form nor function.

Great design does both at the same time.

There is nothing

superfluous about beauty

and there is nothing

mundane about utility.

Design is what design does.

It gets your brand at top of mind,

increases conversions,

fills up the shopping cart,

makes them call now

application of Intent


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