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It’s my birthday!

Posted on: February 21, 2008

Aliana, Yorkali, Time

A Song of Ascents.

I will lift up my eyes to the hills— From whence comes my help?
My help comes from the Lord,
Who made heaven and earth.

Psalms 121:1&2

To all my friends and family,
I have been blessed with 33 years and today I just wanted to thank you for touching my life in whatever way you have. I believe my heavenly father put you, sent you, guided you into my life at either specific times or through out my life for very specific reasons. Some I know some I may not yet know. For that…

I feel blessed to know you.

There is one favour I ask today. Most of my friends who are on already received this message, but here goes again:

I got this great idea from my cousin Patrice who intoduced me to this cool concept of the online birthday party. With the net and email, it’s easy to have tons of friends from every part of the world but difficult to be with them on special days like today. So all you have to do is go out and do something fun anytime on Thursday the 21st and send me pictures or video clips! Then I’ll share that with everyone. Doesn’t have to be anything elaborate or well planned. It could be as simple as a snowball fight or a cute practical joke on a friend or if you want go out and have dinner with people close to you that you love. As long as you have fun! So that’s it!  Email me the pictures at

nuff luv,

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17 Responses to "It’s my birthday!"

Happy Birthday! Tell Felisa hi. Have a wonderful, outrageous, full of life and of course a blessed birthday!!!!!!!!

Hi York,

33 is still pretty young yet you have done so well in life.
You have been consistent in your walk with the Lord. You have maintained
your pleasant personality and depth. You have a family and you’ve been
there for them. You have achieved academically and have managed to
survive economically. That’s quite a lot. Look around and see how many
people do not have all that I just mentioned. So, praise to God and a
pat on the back for you for the effort and choices you have made. Congratulations!
Have a wonderful birthday.


Have a most excellent birthday, friend Yorkali. Kisses to you and your ladies!

Greetings, Yorkali:

May I join your many well-wishers on your having seen another year of your life, and may you live to see many more in the company of your family and friends.

Have a very nice day, York.

Warmest regards,


Hi York,

I hope this bday will bring many more blessings to you and your family. Keep working hard and having a strong faith in the creator.

God bless you,


Happy Birthday you fantastic ray of sunshine!! All the best to you and your LOVELY family 🙂

-Shannon/micala (twitter)

Hi Tully,
It so great to share this day with you. The celebrations have begun, I made vegetable Sushi this morning and i am now about to go out for lunch in your honor.Enjoy evey bit of the day. Celebrate all the things you have come to know over the past year and pledge to learn even more of the new year.Tha last year of your life has found you making great contributions to so many others. I could not have realized my dreams if you had not lived your life the way you have chosen. Thanks again cuz. Love you lots.

Happy Birthday York!!

May God Bless you not just today but every day of your life.

Say Hi to Fela for me,

Lots of Hugs for you and the family


i want take this time to wish you happy birthday. i hope you live to see many more. With the God guidance i know he will make you wishes and dream a really before the time of the end so stead fast and be joyfull.

Its almost 20 years ago that Gilbert struck Jamaica. They do say hard times bring family together and it literally did for us. As I recall we were introduced to each other when I came along with my other siblings to help repair and work on materiel for the “fowl coub”. I remember genuinely being happy to have met you, I was just excited that it was just not us at Village alone (I thought everybody did deh a farin), the thought of having family close by was just plain nice. Cuz we were just 13, aww, you might have been 14 but its almost 20 years later, wow! I wish I felt closer to alot more of my cuzzies but I definitely feel a special kinship with you. I am sure its becuase we met so early in life.
Happy Birthday Cuz, twenty years has pasted since we met, can you imagine twenty more; we will be 53, mercy!!
Love you Cuz!
—-Cuz Winston

Want to take this opportunity to wish you a blessed and joyful birthday. Wishing you God’s richest blessings and many more years of celebration.

It’s truly inspiring to witness how cheerfully you embrace the blessing of another year of life. Your happiness is contagious! Hope that you will continue to add warmth and passion to all your future endeavours and that by knowing you people will get to know our Saviour.

Nuff blessings!
Big up!

Hi Tuly:

So let’s add some more blessings to what you have already recieved, “Oh ress me rabiliss manduka dominum, pauper servus, pauper servus, datpanis terminum.

That’s your blessing for today. And may God conserve you and permit you to bless others and a see many more birthdays. Tomorrow is Carlos Antonios birthday. And last but not the least, I’m visiting with my children here in West Palm Beach Florida. Eat your heart out.

Good Old Charlie Brown

Our family is having dinner together today–which we only get to do twice a week when Patrick has off. During our blessing we prayed for you.


I know I’m late but Happy Belated Bday. I hope it was wonderful. I love the Time Magazine of you and what’s her name (smile) but what about the others. Take care and I miss hanging out with you guys since we are no longer looking for a house. The time will come. Hang in there. I hope you find something soon. I’m keeping my eyes and ears open.


Happy Birthday YorK,

and many many many more.


HAPPY Birthday! I know I am a little late but just wanted to send you some love!!

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