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Posted on: October 24, 2008

) by you.

Summer, 1986. My first time in the United States, I was 10 years old.
Before coming, I like many Jamaicans with no real exposure to the US (no
news, no up to date imagery, limited history, etc) had a mental picture
of the US as the ultimate Utopia. When I got here being able to watch
TV right around the clock was my personal utopia 🙂

The dream of the United States as an escape, as a Utopia from the Old
World has helped to propel this country into the imaginations of many
people to this very day. It is what has helped the US to become one of
the most diverse countries in the world. Although this diversity may
have had it’s roots steeped in slavery the US regardless is unmatched
in the kaleidoscope of DNA that exists here.

When I first arrived here I was stunned at how nice people were. It
literally blew me away. It was this first impression that still rests
with me to this very day. As I look back as an adult, granted, people
may have not been real, they probably had fake smiles and empty laughs
but on the mind of a 10 yr old this was not the case. I was
experiencing wonderfulness.

As I have matured and returned here as an adult and my BS-meter has
been fine-tuned, I am still of the same mind. Recently, I was trying to
get some directions at night and I stopped and asked a group of young
people, about 6 or 7. Three of them were literally talking over one
another with directions. They were so willing to help I felt a little
awkward but also very welcome.


Even if someone is not being real with me, and I pick this up pretty
fast (I’m talking nano-seconds here) it’s a good feeling to know that
people are raised to be so nice!  Even when they don’t feel like it.
Granted most big cities may not reflect this aspect of the US, for me
has been an incredible experience.

In Jamaica, most people are quite nice. Overall we are a loving people,
we have an incredible crime problem though that kicks against that
aspect of the national persona. Unfortunately as a small country human
nature does not scale down to it’s container 😦

I have found that we are truly mirrors and we do get what we put out…
for the most part. Wonderfulness scopes out the best from the people we
associate with on a daily basis. Project it as best as you can, smile,
listen, be calm, be open and maybe, just maybe you might get a smile in

s m i l e by you.


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Very nice post and beautiful pics!

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