space to imajin


Place of Birth

Jamaica (land of wood and water…and reggae)

Dream Job:

Car Designer

Countries visited:

Yugoslavia (Novi Sad, now in Serbia), Panama, England, Curacao, St. Kitts, Grand Cayman, The Dominic Republic, Canada,U.S.A (Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Tenesee,Texas, New York, Washington D.C. Maryland).

Travel lessons:
1.We are more alike than we are different
2. Always pack extra underwear.

Favourite food:    
Jerk Chicken with rice an' peas, avocado (we say pear in Jamaica) an' festival pan di side. An' som' cool cool lemonade fi cool dun' the jerk chicken 🙂

For the future:   
To do more industrial and architectural design.                                        

My Name:
My father has a passion for boxing, so he borrowed Ali from Muhammed and added it to the York from his name, Yorkwin. His name is another story 🙂

Favorite Quote: 
Some men see things as they are and ask why…I  dream things that never where and ask,

why not.

George Bernard Shaw (not JFK)


4 Responses to "Me"

Can I tell you how amazing I think your work is?? I checked through the portfolio and then glanced briefly at the blog.. will sink my teeth into it once done here. Love love the concepts of light and swooshes that u use..Can’t wait for us to catch up.
Till ltr

WOW…I love “From the mouth of babies”. So powerful. God has given you a special talent.


Hey, what did i do to deserve being on your blogroll?

Thanks, it’s so encouraging!!

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