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Today’s message is pretty simple: Apple is going for iPhone market share in a big, big, way.

Daring Fireball

If you have money in any form, buy Apple stock…now. This isn’t just some Mac fan boy reveling in the afterglow of another great Stevenote,  but someone who has gotten an intensely acute view of the immediate future.

Apple will be the next great global tech company.

Forget who has the greater share of the PC market. That metric is for saps! If Apple has it’s way, the baby on the breast in Sub-Saharan Africa will be wielding a glossy black brick of 3G goodness.

//” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.My friends, Windows was just the beginning, Dell… a passing fancy. Jobs knows that these guys are beaten even though Apple currently only has a sliver of the global computer market. But for those who saw Monday’s keynote, remember the image of the 3 legged stool at the very beginning.  One of those legs is about to get very FAT.

While very few people worldwide can afford a computer, the real pool of black gold that is waiting to be tapped is mobile phones. Apple has realized that it’s global dominance is tied not to beating up on Vista but spreading it’s design DNA pollen globally on the back of the iPhone not the iMac. Apple’s global roll-out strategy for mobile market dominance is nothing short of the same poetry with which it designs, builds and markets all of it’s other products. Study how they did this with almost every product since Steve returned to Apple. It’s simplicity is deviously disarming.

Create the market before you sell the product.

Make the consumer start sucking vigorously on the teet long before the milk is even there. How did they do this? Design, create and sell to the market segment with the most disposable income. Establish the product as a must have for the rich. Once the halo of I-gotta-have-it is sufficiently bright around the product (hence justifying it’s existence) you sell it to everybody else for a song  (pun intended). By this time you have made back your R&D money on the back of the richest of the rich. You are now going for the jugular that’s throbbing with the real life blood of revenue. The Mass Market. You have achieved critical mass in global mind-share now all you have to do is put a couple cracks in the glass ceiling of price and watch global dominance flood the earth. It is a small world after all.

So forget this old metric of PC market share. The mobile market is where the real moola is at. Cell phones are the platform of the future and every IT company worth it’s salt knows this. But no one has a product like the iPhone. And for a long time no one ever will. Apple is just too many design cycles ahead of the rest of the field. So while the rest of the world copies this gleaming brick of techno-lust, Steven “Plainview” Jobs is drinking their milkshake. And his big fat straw is the iPhone.

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Excellent, excellent post

“It doesn’t have a Wienie!”

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Lebron surrounded by Celtic kryptonite

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Seinfeld does isn’t even in the top 10 and the Cosby Show does not appear at all on the list? What gives Empire???

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Dang I love these 🙂

Structure, content, style. There is much a public speaker could learn from this speech. It is truly one of the most inspiring speeches I have ever heard…no joke. Especially for people who have no idea what they want to do with their lives.



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