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To all my Jamaican Bredrin… if a song can give a glimmer of hope, here’s one fi di dutty rock!

There are so many people across a hug swath of this Western world suffering becuse of a string of hurricanes as we all know. Especially in Haiti and Texas. Damage from Gustav was very bad in Jamaica but as far as I know there was no loss of life. Here is a story of how a community is making do without a crucial bridge. read more

A woman winces as she is splashed while piggybacking across the Hope River in Harbour View, St Andrew, for a fee of $200. – photos by Norman Grindley/acting Photography editor

Dat Bumpy Head Gyal

Dat Bumpy Head Gyal

by Jamaica’s own ‘Bumpy Head Gal’ – Joan Andrea Hutchinson

Usain mi dawlin, mi just want yuh fi know dat sake a yuh, mi marriage almost mash up di odder day, because a piece of jealousy teck my husband.
Well wah never happen in a year happen in a day
Mi kyaan believe mi eyes
Ever since Usain Bolt win di Olympics 100 metres
Fi mi husband start exercise
Yuh tink a lickle talk mi a talk to him
Bout how him belly a get big
Mi tired fi tell him how him a g et waggaty
An start to fayva pig
Mi spend mi money sign him up a gym
Steam vegetable gi him every day
Him suck him teet an say “Man must have guts”
And galang him merry way
But when Usain Bolt win di Olympic 100 metre gold
An mi start fi scream
“Usain Bolt mi love yuh, mi love yuh, mi love yuh
Yuh fulfill mi wildest dream”
Mi run up an dung inna di living room like mi mad
All liddung pon di floor
Mi say “Usain, a long time no man no excite mi so
Mi ago love yuh more and more”
Right now mi have picture of Usain Bolt pon every wall
And one beside mi bed
One pon mi t-shirt, two inna mi purse
And a Usain Bolt inna mi head
Usain Bolt full mi up wid so much pride
Mi doan even waan fi eat
And when mi talk bout how him body look good
Mi husband say m i sound like mi a cheat
Him mout long up and say mi have young bway nature
An a long time mi love mawga man
When mi tell him say Usain Bolt just meck mi feel good
Him say mi a behave like more dan fan
Him bex like bullfrog di odda morning
How mi gi him di breakfast cold
Sake a mi a watch di rerun a Usain a gi dem donkey length
Fi win di 100 metre gold
Dem show di race again when mi a cook di Satiday soup
Mi gi out “What a mawga man can run”
Mi dis hear “it come een like say sake a dis mawga man
Mi an mi Satiday soup a get bun”
Well Usain mi dawlin, dem say who bex lose
So mi say later fi him
But one ting mi know all of a sudden him start eat healty
And find himself a gym
And between mi an yuh Usain, him proud a yuh big time
But mi dear, nuh watch no face
Yuh name write pon mi heart dat Satiday when yuh get di gold
Inna di Olympics 100 metre race

An insightful piece from SI

1. Tradition: Think Notre Dame football. UCLA basketball. The
Yankees. Before the torch was lit in Beijing, Jamaica had won 41 medals
in Olympic track and field, dating back to the first two: Gold and
silver by Arthur Wint and Herb McKenley in 1948. Names like Donald Quarrie and Merlene OtteySports Illustrated visited the island in late spring for a feature story on Asafa Powell and Usain Bolt,
dozens of small children showed up for a Saturday morning youth track
practice. That was impressive. That they were all wearing spikes was

More here

I am beside myself so happy. So very happy. This means sooooooo much to my little country!!!!!!!!!

Usain Bolt in New York on May 31 celebrates
after setting a new world record in the men’s 100-meter.

” A month ago, Mr. Bolt lived up to his name by breaking countryman Asafa Powell’s world record in the 100-meter dash. The two
hold the five fastest recognized times in the event and will go head-to-head this weekend in Jamaica’s Olympic trials.

Likkle but we tallawah! The hope of 2.7 million people rests on these two shoulders.

The ineffectiveness of the Church in Jamaican/Western Society

The thought of it sent shivers up my spine. Boy meets girl, have sex on school stairs, watched by other children as young as eleven, act is recorded and uploaded to the web. This story was one of the many that greeted me when I arrived in Jamaica a little over a week ago. I was speechless. As I reviewed the news daily, it became apparent that the worst elements of western culture were festering in my fair isle at an alarming rate.

So as usual when stories like these break, the same cry is echoed: “Where is the church” “What is the church doing” blah blah blah. This is the empty rhetorical bleating of a lost flock. The question should be, in a country that has one of the highest concentrations of churches in the world, why do we have one of the highest crime rates.  Why after centuries, the church has been so ineffective in creating a more civil, peaceful, moral society. The answer is so simple it eludes us constantly.

True love is absent in main stream religion.

Love, the most basic tenet in the teachings of Christianity has been replaced by zeal that is focused on keeping the flock in line and less on loving the sheep. The judgment dimension of Christianity has been a dark shroud that has covered what little love is left in the pews. This lack of love has resulted in a perversion of religion and has done much to destroy the relationship God would love to have with His children on this planet. We walk around with sticks of scripture strapped to our bodies ready to blow anybody up that disagrees with us as Christians.

When we are quicker to invoke condemnation on the teen mother, damn the  gun-man to hell , and “sus” the adulterer into exile we have lost Jesus’ golden example of love. When churches are quick to protest at Heath Ledger’s funeral and less concerned about showing true love to those whose behavior go against our religious grain we have lost Jesus’ example of true love.

This perverted behavior has turned religion into a whitened sepulcher. It may have filled some churches but it has thoroughly emptied this Jamaica land we love of any desire to be like Him. There is no true example to follow, there is no real pattern to share, because deep down, we have none. When our love is empty and non-existent. Church becomes nothing more than Saturday morning cartoons.
A show.
It leaves us like a Three-Finger Jack. We still have a hand with three digits, but missing love and compassion for our fellow man. The greater population has no reason to be like us when we are like this.

This ineffectiveness is also the curse of every Western nation. A long history of church presence but a society given in to an unbridled satisfaction of self. As things get worse, and they will, there will be religious factions that will seek to break down the wall between church and state and seek to legislate religion…force-feed God down the society’s throat.

 This is not the way.

We will only be seen as a “Eliot Spitzer-Lite”. Hypocrites. This method is not spiritually sustainable. The erosion of morals in society will NEVER stop until a true change is realized from the heart of every believer outward. God’s law is written on our hearts not to judge our fellow man but to: love, to be compassionate, to hate the sin but to love the sinner with an unconditional love that knows absolutely no bounds.  That is the method of  Jesus that loved  the foul mouthed Peter, the prostitute Mary Magdalene and the pitiful human that I am.

Show true love today…the world needs it.

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