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A very good article from AdAge on analyzing audience engagement and loyalty metrics for the presidential campaign.

Just like brands and media, engagement and loyalty metrics can be used to measure presidential candidates. The technique is more accurate than traditional polling because it measures what voters think — as opposed to what they say they think. Our research shows that there are four drivers that define the “Ideal President” and they are:

Action: Does the candidate have a comprehensive, realistic, well-considered plan for solving the problems facing the country?

Compassion: Does the candidate care about all the people? (A nod and a note to one of our alert readers: Attributes and values approximating liking, bonding to and seeing the candidate as being “someone like me” and “for me” resides in this driver along with concern for people.)

Perception: Does the candidate have a deep understanding of the problems facing the county?

Resolve: Does the candidate have the strength and leadership to guide the country?

the rest is here…

Passikoff: Obama Wins Second Debate 116 to 110 – Advertising Age – Campaign Trail

If there is one thing companies need to realize is that cool logos, slick websites and clever ads do not a great experience make. It is this mindset that approaches the designer/creative director/marketing company and says. Make it look pretty/sexy/clean.

Marketing and advertising should be the icing on the cake, not the lipstick on the pig.

Seth’s Blog: What advertising can’t fix

Microsoft has fallen into a trap that befalls many large companies in search of cred, buzz or respect. They’ve decided to buy some via advertising.


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