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Posts Tagged ‘movie I just saw another great Don Cheadle performance. The movie was everything I expected. The tension, the suspense, the explosions and all that. The interesting part though is examining a person playing both sides, we have seen this multiple times. But in this case, the both sides that Cheadle’s character straddles is that of violence vs peace. Hate vs submission. The inner turmoil of his character is quite vivid and very open. When the topic of inner struggle comes up the resulting conversation is quite revealing (do go see).

As a fan of geo-political thrillers, Traitor was very good. Tension at all the right moments and just the right amount. Could have had a slightly tighter script but the plot was great. I believe this movie was made at the PG13 level to encourage as many Americans to see it. Rightly so, it should be required viewing for every American teenager, scratch that….

every American.

The Dark Knight
When he passed away, I mentioned to a few friends that when Batman opens the public will understand to some extent why Heath Ledger had to be taking the meds that killed him. It is the same reason why he may win the best actor nod at the next Oscars. Actually, do you know what was Jack Nicholson’s first public response to his death….

I warned him“.

As the reviews start to pour in about his incredible performance as the Clown Prince of Crime not only will The Joker steal the show from Batman once more, but we will only begin to fathom the dark depths his character took him to.

Don’t believe me, go watch it. Prepare for the lines on opening weekend. I guarantee you, no film this year will make more money. Rest in peace Heath…rest in peace.

Ledger recently told reporters he “slept an average of two hours a
night” while playing “a psychopathic, mass-murdering, schizophrenic
clown with zero empathy …

“I couldn’t stop thinking. My body was exhausted, and my mind was still going.”

Prescription drugs didn’t help, he said.

So I took a gander at Hancock recently. Despite some of the bad reviews, I was surprised. Of course it really could be better. Two things stood out.

1. Mr. Smith obviously set out to do a hero movie for adults. That was quite clear. With all the hero movies out there I think this was a smart move.

2. Second, Will’s hidden message was this: Father’s (especially black dad’s) you cannot be the heroes that your children need if you keep getting in trouble. Of course it’s message that has been repeated widely. Most recently by Barack Obama in his Father’s Day speech. And yes Barack and Bill Cosby have been drawn over the coals for this (Barack more recently by Jesse Jackson). Anyway, I think Will’s approach in the movie was novel and timely. Well done Hancock. Haven’t seen it? It’s worth a watch.

Oprah’s timing is impecable. This will be Harpo’s best production yet.


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